Tell’em it’s wrong

Welcome to CorrectGeo. Here you can tell the handful of companies that maintain the Internet's IP Localization databases that they got it wrong.

We are quite sure that they try hard to get it right, but when they get it wrong, the ramifications can range from a little annoying to enormously inconvenient. Poor geo-targeting of advertising is one thing, but preventing your access to a service that is in your own country, or declining your credit card because their system thinks that you are not where you say you are is too much.

So this is "geo error central" - find an error and report it here, and we'll publish it for everyone to see, and hopefully shame them into fixing it.

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  • Ember

  • Alddo Fernandez

    I’m using the scrip on this url:
    It’s been setup to direct to Ecuador, Chile, Mexico and US. It normally
    works, but sometimes it gets it all wrong. A specific case I have documented is for a location in Los Cabos BCS, Mexico, that is being considered as if it was in the US.

    Great service whatsoever…